Hop Skip and a Jump to Kitchener Neighbourhoods

St. Georges / St. Patrick

Old world charm meets new age eclecticism Some of the most beautiful old houses are found here, in one of Guelph’s old-timer-neighbourhoods – St Georges. Majestic trees along with the Eramosa and Speed rivers adorn backyards big and small. Undergoing intense renewal from big city kids seeking old world charm, the neighbourhood is a patchwork of old and new. But in this eclectic mix of high-end living and industrial revival, the local Portuguese, Italian, and Greek grocers have discerning patrons,... View Article

Kortright East

One golf course, many inspired lawns The busy Gordon St corridor branches off in the east to perfectly manicured lawns, large homes, and winding streets. Welcome to one of the three centrally located neighbourhoods of Guelph, Kortright East. It is formed by the main veins of Guelph – Stone Rd. and Gordon St. in the northeast, and blocked off by Victoria Rd. and Arkell Rd. in the southwest. Hectic weeks see commuters ditch Gordon St. in favour of Victoria Rd.... View Article

Grange Road

Commuters’ first love A short drive to Highway 7, proximity to 401 via Guelph Line, and a direct road to Downtown Guelph’s bus and train stations, Grange Rd takes care of its commuters’ community. Residents ofGrange Rd work hard but play harder with the recreational centre within the neighbourhood.The city’s local coffee company roasts and serves brews with complex flavours in simple mugs – a welcomebreak from drive-throughs and work weeks. A unique chocolate bar with an eclectic menu springs... View Article

Waterloo / West Acres

  Downtown’s sober, laidback cousin The intriguing railway tracks that run through Waterloo/ West Acres are a reminder of Guelph’s original local economic activity. The unpretentious homes, a reminder of the unassuming neighbourhood that Waterloo/ West Acres is. Locals here love leading simple┬álaid back┬álives and value well-built, well-equipped family homes from another era. Neighbours from half way across the world exchange hellos as their kids toss a ball together in one of the many playgrounds. As the neighbourhood extends closer... View Article

Downtown Guelph

Of arty films, indie stores and eccentric cafes Just as the summer splash pad doubles up as a skating rink, downtown Guelph transforms easily. As the day turns into night, the sounds in this neighbourhood switch from coffee sips and rock, to cocktail clinks and jazz. Professionals seek respite during the work week in open air movie nights at Market Square, live music nights in cafes, or a refreshing run through the historical neighbourhood. Saturdays draw the creme-de-la-creme of morning... View Article

Willow West / Sugarbush

  From Sushi to Garam Masala. From Honda to Impala. Forming Guelph’s northwest corner, Willow West gets its sweet nickname, Sugarbush, from a generous cover of majestic old sugar maple trees. As one of the expansive neighbourhoods in Guelph, it boasts the largest recreational center in Guelph, the largest auto mall in Canada and – this is important – the only bowling alley of the city. Specialty delis and casual lunch spots tucked away in its industrial-end serve local workers.... View Article