Most Walkable Neighbourhoods

Westminster Woods

  Traditional facade. Modern taste. Young professional families. Westminster Woods and its next door neighbour Pineridge is Guelph’s shiney new neighbourhood. Built on New Urbanism principles – increased density, easy walkability, mixed housing, and quality architecture. Home to 9 to 5ers, big-city-jobs-small-family professionals, this neighbourhood is focused on convenience and modern aesthetics. Dream up a need and it’s right there. Groceries? Check. Banking? Check. Movies? LCBO? Starbucks, gym, trails, parks, new houses, high energy? Yep, all there. Still undergoing rapid... View Article

Kortright West

Where ducks, deer, dogs, and kids run free Kortright West is academic by association to its neighbour, Old University. Pockets of UoG students in this largely older family area are daring and few. Its own little collection of indie and large chain shops is no longer a secret. Neither is its off-leash dog park – the largest in Guelph – where canines prefer the fresh creek to their humans. Just as the young ones prefer the Kortright Splash Pad, and... View Article

Old University

Postcard worthy streets. Food for thought. Team Pride. If Downtown is Guelph’s heart, then the Old University is its mind. Best known for the University of Guelph, the Arboretum, and the city’s busy shopping mall, this is where different generations cross paths. Sometimes as proud supporters of the local hockey team (Go Storms Go!). At others, as they find their respective ways to unwind next to the Speed River – kayaking, hiking, lawn bowling, or grabbing their favourite ice cream... View Article

Downtown Guelph

Of arty films, indie stores and eccentric cafes Just as the summer splash pad doubles up as a skating rink, downtown Guelph transforms easily. As the day turns into night, the sounds in this neighbourhood switch from coffee sips and rock, to cocktail clinks and jazz. Professionals seek respite during the work week in open air movie nights at Market Square, live music nights in cafes, or a refreshing run through the historical neighbourhood. Saturdays draw the creme-de-la-creme of morning... View Article