Andra Arnold

Sales Representative
Coldwell Banker Neumann
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824 Gordon Street
Guelph, Ontario Canada
N1G 1Y7

Andra Arnold

Andra Arnold, Sales Representative


From the first home I purchased years ago I knew Real Estate would be the path for me. Now in my 19th year of marriage and inour 7th home, I understand what an emotional and exciting time moving can be. I’m here to work and support my clients through their decision process. Buying or selling, I’m here for you! I’ve found over the past few years in my career as a Realtor that this business is not only about the properties, it’s about the relationships that we build with one another. Finding out the little things sometimes isthe best way to answer the big questions and concerns. Whether it is your first home, or an investment property. Your relocation or your down size. Every experience is different because it is your experience.

Even thoughI wasn’t born and raised in Guelph, this is my home and I believe Guelph is one of the greatest cities in Ontario. As we grow that small town feel exists. I have lived all over this province and nowhere has felt the same. I’ve built a strong network within this community and feel that I’ve been here my whole life.

My husbandowns his ownconstruction company that specializes in renovations andnew builds that he’s runhere in Guelph for over 15 years and over that time I have helped with many renovation projects. Fortunately we have been able to be a great support for one another .

I studied Psychology at Carleton University and Accounting at Fanshawe College.

I find that working with people and helping them achieve their goals is second nature and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing joy on someone else’s face.

I’ve chaired our children’s preschool board and have been a major role in fundraising for the Parent Council at Sir Isaac Brock. I currently sponsor a girls hockey team as well as the Royal City Roller Girls.

Life is exciting and hope to be a part of yours!!

My motto is”Getting you, where you want to be”

I look forward to meeting you!


“One Saturday morning in early February, my wife, two daughters and I were driving around Guelph looking at various neighbourhoods that we may be interested in moving to. We stopped at a house near downtown, saw a house we were interested in learning more about and called Andra who was the listing agent for the house. We left a message with Andra not expecting to receive a call back considering it was a Saturday morning. Within 30 minutes I received a call from Andra who mentioned that she could show us the house later in the day if we were interested. We spent the next 15 minutes having a pleasant conversation. Throughout the discussion her questions were geared more towards our family, our likes/dislikes, where we were from, etc. She explained her philosophy and then we set up a time to meet later in the week and after we got off the phone I turned to my wife and said “I think this is our agent. There is something about her personality…she listens and seems genuine. Furthermore, think you two would get along. “My wife agreed and our feelings were confirmed after we met later in the week. She spent the majority of our time getting to know our family and playing with our daughters. Through the conversation we found out that we had some friends in common which just further confirmed our belief that she was the right fit.

By the end of the day she sent us a couple of listings that she thought was “right” for us. She was so positive despite having to going through a painful loss in her family. It would have been understandable if we didn’t hear back from her for a couple of weeks, but she called to check in a couple of times during the week and set up a couple of houses for us to view. When she returned she was focused on finding us our house. A house that we were previously interested in came back on the market and she said “I’ve found your house! I will get you that house”! The funny thing was that my wife and I nodded and said “I believe her”. This is going to be our house. Within a week we closed on the house. It helped that she has such good relationships with other agents in town as she was able to close this deal within the price range that we discussed.

I think the reason why Andra is so good at what she does is that she genuinely cares. She gets to know her clients, finds out who they are, what they are looking for, where they feel comfortable to live, etc. I hadn’t lived in Guelph since 1999 so having someone who is vested in the community and has two daughters herself, she was able to inform us of the best schools, the best neighbourhoods as well as locations that will provide a nice return in case we decide to move later on. Furthermore, the fact that she is a passionate learner, and has a husband who is a contractor she stays current in terms of the good builders and the nuts and bolts of a home.

We believe we have found a great home to raise our girls and in the process made a friend in Andra. She went above and beyond to find us our house and we would recommend anyone looking for a home to choose this amazing person as their agent.


Ashwin and Anna Patel”




Guelph Tribune Readers Choice Gold Winner 2015

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