The Blacksmith Union

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Much has been written recently about the future of organized real estate, and rest assured we are only seeing and hearing the beginning. If committee hours were billable hours, a fortune could be earned or, depending upon your view- wasted, trying to navigate an inevitable course of events which will largely be governed by changes in technology.  As our industry evolves from one built solely upon the premise of gathering and controlling information to one that acknowledges information is more and more readily available, we can expect some growing pains. Things change, and we had better be willing to change with them, or risk being like the Blacksmith Union protesting the invention of the automobile. The blacksmiths of the day who realized their job was to facilitate transportation may have adapted to the new mode.  Pity the blacksmith who insisted their job was to work with horses!   A little bit of self analysis may be in order to determine what it really is that we are selling.  Firstly however,  a disclaimer.  If I really knew how to predict the future, I would be rich and retired.  As I am neither,  you may like to take my predictions with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, here I go.

The safest job in organized real estate belongs to the individuals who have figured out how to bridge a gap between a buyer and seller.  For while the structure of our industry may change (or may not) the need for a personality between two juxtaposed positions will, in my humble opinion, always exist, and therefore a good salesperson will never be unemployed. How those people are remunerated may change, but all that means is that Brokers have more to worry about than Salespeople. Great salespeople, aren’t selling information – they are selling themselves ( in the legal noble way). It is true in our profession, and for that matter any sales profession that I can think of.  We deal with the folks we deal with because we like them, we trust them, they are knowledgeable, and they deliver results.  Everything else is simply marketing.
Thanks for reading.  I hope you are enjoying a great summer!

Jeff Neumann

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